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Who We Are?

As you know, China is the largest consumer market for cars in the world and it is home to almost every model in the world, so we were born. Yink Group was founded in 2014 and we have been in this field for over 8 amazing years! Our goal is to be the best in the world.

We have previously focused on domestic trade in China and eventually achieved the industry's top tone ,annual sales of more than 100 million.

This year, we intend to let the world hear the voice from Yink group, so we established the foreign trade department, which is why you can see the reason for this site.

We see that many auto body stores and auto repair stores around the world are still using manual film cutting, which is extremely inefficient.
In fact, Yink PPF Cutting Software has been upgrading every year in the hope that our advanced technology will bring new blood to this market.

Numbers we are proud of

Although we are just starting out in the international market, we have no doubt that one day in the future our brand will be recognized all over the world, thanks to our heritage in the domestic market.

Business is never easy, but we have enough confidence in our products, and these figures witness our development in the international market, would you like to be our business partner?

You can choose to become our exclusive distributor, after signing the agreement, you will become the only importer in the local market, and our products will be sold only to you!

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