What are the computer requirements for the software?

64bit system, no lower than Windows 10.

Will the software be updated from time to time and will you charge for the latest data?
    1. As a technology-based company, software updates are very frequent as soon as the new car comes in the market. Normally every week or every day updates the software patterns.
What is the difference between invisible car coat and color change film?

To put it bluntly, it is like the difference between contact lenses and contacts, a transparent and to protect the car paint, a color and to change the color of the body.

What is the material of the invisible car coat?

The main materials are TPU and PVC. TPU material invisible car coat, with strong toughness, corrosion resistance, puncture resistance, good resistance to mild scratches, bumps, wear; soft texture, can resist multiples of stretch, suitable for car paint complex arc surface. PVC material invisible car coat, weak anti-aging ability, and the surface of the scratch can not be self-healing. Short service life, the rubber layer is deadly corrosive to the paint surface.

How long does the car coat last?

Mainly depends on the quality of the car coat, generally speaking, the entry-level car coat can be used for 3-5 years ranging from standard to 6-8 years will not be a problem, the flagship model can be used for 8-10 years bar, if properly maintained can also be used for a longer period of time.

Can I adjust the templates before I cut?

Yink provides many ways for you to do a lot of actions before cutting, such as automatic layout, he can help you save a lot of material, the specific operation before cutting, please click on the operation guide

What is PPF Software?

Yink Paint protection film (PPF) business software is a critical tool for the success of any PPF business aiming to operate with efficiency, profitability, and scalability. While the ultimate goal of a paint protection film company is to ensure the proper and efficient installation of high-quality clear bra films on vehicles, PPF software plays a vital role in achieving this objective and keeping customers satisfied.

Efficiency is key in the paint protection film industry, and PPF software helps businesses streamline various aspects of their operations. With its job management capabilities, the software assists in scheduling appointments, assigning tasks to installers, and monitoring the progress of each job. By maximizing resource utilization and ensuring timely completion, PPF software enables businesses to operate smoothly and meet customer expectations.


Customer satisfaction is paramount in the PPF industry, and PPF software helps businesses deliver consistent, high-quality workmanship. By leveraging customer relationship management (CRM) features, companies can efficiently manage customer data, including contact information, preferences, and service history. This enables personalized services, effective communication, and a deep understanding of customer needs, resulting in heightened satisfaction and loyalty.