YINK PPF Plotter YK-905X Elite

  • 0.01mm

    Cutting Precision

  • 1500mm/s

    Max Speed

  • 4.3″

    HD touch display

  • 10min

    15m PPF

  • Versatile Cutting: Cuts all materials
  • 256-bit servo dual control chip.
  • 4.3-inch full touch HD screen.
  • Dual silent servo system.
  • Powerful Adhesion Fan for Stability
  • Up to 1500mm/s for maximum efficiency.
  • Automatic Film Winding: Fully automated system.
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Versatility in Cutting

Unmatched Versatility with YINK 905X Elite

  • Full Compatibility

    Full Compatibility

    No encryption, Seamlessly integrates with all PPF software and data.

  • Multiple Connectivity Options

    Multiple Connectivity Options

    Supports Ethernet port, USB 2.0, and U storage card.

For All Materials:









auto beauty

auto beauty





For All Materials
For All Materials


  • Advanced
  • Touchscreen
  • Silent Operation
  • Powerful Core


    -bit servo dual control chip for precision.
  • HD Screen


    -inch full touch display.
  • Silent Operation


    silent servo System

Cutting with Unmatched Accuracy

  • Fan Adhesion System

    Fan Adhesion System

    100 CFM airflow with 8 adjustable levels ensures the film stays firm and wrinkle-free during cutting, preventing misalignment (-18.8/m2 suction).
  • Automated Monitoring

    Automated Monitoring

    Full-auto camera ensures precise film alignment for consistent quality.
  • 4-Point Dot Positioning

    4-Point Dot Positioning

    Uses AI algorithms to intelligently adjust the film’s angle, preventing misalignment and ensuring accurate cuts throughout the process, thus reducing waste.
YK-905X Elite

Innovative Cutting Technology

Versatile Cutting: 0-2000g knife pressure (digital adjustment) allows for cutting a wide range of materials.No Slip, High Stability:Electromagnetic pressure ensures accuracy.


  • 1500


  • 0.01


  • 1.0


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Customize & Partner

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from Berlin, Germany

"I run a small business and was skeptical about getting a cutting machine. But YINK's machines totally changed my game. They're super easy to use and have boosted our productivity like crazy."


from New York, USA

"In the competitive New York market, standing out is key. Thanks to YINK's machines, we're able to offer unique services that our clients love. Their compatibility with all software we use is just a lifesaver."


Ahmed from Dubai, UAE

"In the auto customization business, it's all about precision and quality. YINK's machines have become our go-to because of their unbeatable accuracy. They've become the backbone of our operations."


from São Paulo, Brazil

Running a car detailing shop demands efficiency. YINK's machines with their versatile cutting capabilities have allowed us to broaden our services and attract a wider clientele


from Mumbai, India

"The best part about using YINK machines? The incredible support and service. Any issue, big or small, they're always there to help. It's not just a machine; it's like having a partner in your business."


from Toronto, Canada

"YINK's machines are all about making work easy. From setup to operation, everything is a breeze. They've helped us cut down on waste and really maximize our resources."

Machine Parameters

Plotter Model YK-901X Basic YK-903X Pro YK-905X Elite
Mainboard(dual control intelligent chip ) 32-bit 128-bit 256 bit servo
Control panel(color high-definition display screen ) 3.2 inch 3.5 inch 4.3 inch
Drive System Dual silent drive system Imported dual silent servo system
Adhesion fan power x 12V0.6A-0.8ASilent High Wind Centrifugal Turbine Adsorption Fan
Adhesion capacity (CFM-8 level -18.8/m2) x 90 100
Feeding Method High precision imported integrated steel spindles
Original Positioning Adjustable clearance system for flexible origin setting
Positioning method 4-point dot positioning scanning,real-time camera capture,automatic correction, automaticcontour cutting Arbitrary point positioning origincontour cutting 4-point dot positioning scanningreal-time camera capture,automatic correction, automatic
contour cutting
Maximum feed width 1650mm 1650mm 1650mm
Maximum cutting width 1550mm 1550mm 1550mm
Maximum cutting speed 800mm/s 800mm/s 1500mm/s
Maximum cutting length Infinite length Infinite length Infinite length
Maximum cutting thickness 0.7mm 1.0mm 1.0mm
Knife pressure (Digital adjustment) 0-800g 0-500g 0-2000g
Mechanical accuracy 0.03mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Repetitive accuracy 0.03mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Types of drawing pens Various water-based,oil-based, atomic drawing pens,poster pens with a diameter of 11.4mm
Drawing instruction DM-PL/HP-GL automatic recognition
Knife holder/cutting blade Various types of knife holders with a diameter of 11.4mm*26mm~30mmRoland 20/30/45/60 degrees with a blade diameter of 1.8mm, and othersharp knives of the same model can be used interchangeably
Datainterface USB2.0/U storage card USB2.0/U storage card Ethernet port/USB2.0/U storage card
Fully automatic film windingsystem(complete set) …… …… Gear reduction speed control motor
Film winding motor power/voltage …… …… 220V/50Hz-60Hz/60W-100W/150mA
Reduction ratio of film rolling motor …… …… 3:1-10000:1,1uF/500V
Rated speed of film winding motor …… …… 1850r/min,IP20 B
Host voltage/power supply AC110V/220V±10%,50-60Hz
Power consumption <300W <350W <400W
Operating environment Temperature:+5-+35,humidity30%-70%
Packagingsize (Wooden frame size) 2000*550*460mm
Installation dimensions 1850*1000*1100mm 2000*1200*1300mm 2000*1300*1300mm
G.W(Heavy bracket) 62kg 57kg 57kg
N.W 55kg 65kg 65kg
CBM 0.5m3 0.5m3 0.5m3
Noise Level Standard Standard Ultra-Quiet
Design Standard Modern lmproved Exquisite High-End
Types of Cutting Materials:
TINT/PET/Windows Film x
Vinyl/ Color Change Film x


Item Q’ty
Main unit 1
Support frame 1
Non woven fabric (cloth bag) 1
Cutter blade 5
Knife holster 1
support foot 4
USB signal transmission cable 1
power cord 1
Mounting screws 24
Cloth basket bracket screws 4
Paper feed retaining ring 4
Allen wrench (M6) 1
Hand screw 4
Cloth basket bracket 2
Installation Instructions 1

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