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As a professional Pre-Cut Pattern Software & Database, Yink V5.6  PPF software is specially developed for the cutting of paint protection film.

The most complete petterns data

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The reason for choosing PPF Cutting Software

1.By Software cutting car film - save time, one key operation, immediately finish cutting

2.By pre-cut software - save labor cost, no need to hire high paid experienced staff

3.By software cutting film - save raw materials, almost save 20-30% than the traditional manual cutting film.

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& Customization wrapping

Customization and adjustment is allowed by Yink car protection film cutting software. A number of customization features are also available to meet the differentiated mounting needs of clients.

2.Accurate data and intelligent troubleshooting

When there is a version overlap error of the the Yink car protection film pre-cutting system, there will be a corresponding prompt. At the same time, the system does not allow engraving to prevent waste of cutting versions, which can be very smart. And the Yink data film cutting system, accurate to the millimeter.

3.Intelligent cutting, strong compatibility

It is no exaggeration to say that YinK PPF Software supports almost all film cutting machines in the market with the advantage of intelligent cutting. When you choose to print, you can adjust the strength and speed of the cutter head and set the machine to cut automatically after printing, eliminating the need for manual repetitive operation of the machine

4.Complete patterns and real-time updates

The car version data in Yink car coat pre-cut system is mainly covers regular and updated patterns from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, China and other countries and regions. At present, Yink have the most complete data version in the world, there are more than 350,000 models, covering the market mainstream luxury models and rare models, can achieve remote control to solve unexpected problems, quick update data speed

Software Features

Simple installation and easy operation

Simple installation and easy operation

Small footprint

Powerful automatic versioning function

Touch screen operation

The most comprehensive model database

No noise

Fast update

Yink's Group Always Redouble Our Efforts

Excellent After-sales, yink has a whole system and service

team to ensure your good experience with the software

3V1 Service Guarantee

70+ national automotive pattern scanners

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After-sales lady

Over 70+ countries resident professional car model scanners

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Software Engineer

to scan and update your software in time for the slightest differences

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Pattern Designer

of different car models in different countries


Can I try it?

You can try it for 5 days and buy it when you are satisfied

Will the software be updated from time to time and will you charge for the latest data?
  1. As a technology-based company, software updates are very frequent as soon as the new car comes in the market. Normally every week or every day updates the software patterns.
What are the computer requirements for the software?

64bit system, no lower than Windows 10.

What is the difference between invisible car coat and color change film?

To put it bluntly, it is like the difference between contact lenses and contacts, a transparent and to protect the car paint, a color and to change the color of the body.


What is the material of the invisible car coat?

The main materials are TPU and PVC. TPU material invisible car coat, with strong toughness, corrosion resistance, puncture resistance, good resistance to mild scratches, bumps, wear; soft texture, can resist multiples of stretch, suitable for car paint complex arc surface. PVC material invisible car coat, weak anti-aging ability, and the surface of the scratch can not be self-healing. Short service life, the rubber layer is deadly corrosive to the paint surface.

Update Log for YINKData

We are excited to announce the release of YINKDataV5.6, featuring significant enhancements and new features. Here’s what’s new, along with details on how to update and information about the previous version:

   1. **Major UI Overhaul:** Enjoy a completely redesigned user interface for a more intuitive experience.
   2. **Vehicle Selection by Initials:** Quickly find your model with the first-letter search feature.
   3. **Enhanced Search Functionality:** Improved ‘My Saved Patterns’ and ‘Cutting Records’ search.
   4. **Optimized Design Center Icons:** A cleaner, more organized layout in the Design Center.
   5. **Segmented Cutting Assistance:** New auxiliary lines for precise segmented cuts.
   6. **Pen Tool Enhancement:** Connect operations without selecting the graphic.
   7. **Improved Feature Deletion:** Execute deletions without graphic selection.
   8. **New ‘Add Point’ Feature:** More control with the ability to add points to your design.
   9. **Optimized Mobile Interaction:** Improved arc creation via line pulling on mobile.
   10. **Auto-Layout Optimization:** More efficient and intelligent auto-layouts.
   11. **Auto-Save on Unexpected Exit:** Auto-save feature for unexpected application exits.

**How to Update:**

- **Automatic Update Prompt:** Simply log in to the software, and you will receive an update prompt. Click on the update button to proceed with the latest version.

**About Version 5.5:**

- **One Month Left for 5.5:** The older version 5.5 will remain operational for one more month from today.

- **Updating Issues:** If you are unable to update through the login prompt, please contact your sales representative immediately. They will assist you in getting the new version.

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Yink group has been providing PPF cutting software business in China for 8 years. allowing real industry veterans to provide you with professional services.

 Yink group has been providing PPF cutting software business in China for 8 years.

allowing real industry veterans to provide you with professional services.

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