Yink PPF Cutting Machine YK-901X Basic Series

Introducing the Yink PPF Cutting Machine YK-901X Basic Series – your gateway to precision and efficiency. Designed for seamless operation, this machine features an energy-saving motor, stable cutting base, and advanced four-axis bearings for unparalleled accuracy. Ideal for various PPF applications, it’s the perfect tool for elevating your PPF cutting tasks

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With the accurate enhanced Yink PPF Cutting Plotter, reliable tracking capability, and intuitive features to meet the demands of today's professionals, the Yink Series represents the apex of paint protection film cutting plotter technology.

· Up to 800 mm/sec cutting speed

· Guaranteed 10 meters tracking

· Section Cutting

· Segmental Positioning

· Ingenious media basket

· Media take-up system for PPF cutting

Traditional Manual Cutting VS Yink PPF Pre-cut Machine

Yink Cutting Machine makes paint protection film cutting much more efficiently and cost lower than manual cutting.

It saves about 20-30% films than the manual cutting.



Labor Saving

Raw materials Saving

High Speed Cutting with Reliable Running

Good reputation among our clients more than 50 countries

Technical Parameters

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