Reseller Support

We have always been committed to make all our partners easy to make money, so we have combined our market experience to provide our dealers with a zero-risk business start-up guide:


Sales Training

We provide comprehensive sales training to help dealers master our product selling points and develop sales policies that suit them. Our sales training covers the following:

·1. Product Knowledge: We will provide dealers with a detailed introduction to our product features and technical advantages so that they can accurately convey product information to their customers.

· 2.Sales Techniques: We will share some sales techniques and strategies to help dealers improve sales results and customer satisfaction.

· 3.Sales Incentive Program.In order to incentivize dealers' sales drive, we will set up a sales incentive program. By setting goals and rewarding mechanisms, we will reward dealers with outstanding performance, which will not only motivate them, but also improve the morale and performance of the overall sales team.

Technical Training

In order to ensure that our dealers are able to use our software and perform lamination operations correctly, we provide comprehensive training support. Specific content includes:

· Software Installation and Use: We will provide detailed software installation guide and real-time remote support to ensure that dealers can install the software smoothly and understand how to use them.

· film application operation training: We will provide dealers with professional training on film application operation, including technical points, steps and precautions, etc., to help them get quality film application results.


Marketing Support

We are committed to providing dealers with a full range of marketing support, including offline stores and online marketing. Below are the details of our support:

· Market Research and Insights:As a professional automotive film and pre-cut software company, we will constantly conduct market research and actively share our industry insights and trends to dealers. This will help them better understand the market demand and develop sales strategies and marketing plans that fit the trend of the times.

· offline stores: we will provide dealers with promotional materials and display products to assist them in promoting our products in their stores. In addition, we will also provide brand cooperation and marketing activities support to help dealers attract more customers.

· Online Marketing: We will assist our dealers in marketing and promoting their products on the Internet, including helping them build and optimize their websites, design and execute online advertisements, and use social media. We will also provide customized digital marketing solutions to develop exclusive marketing strategies according to dealers' needs.

Product Customization and Personalization;We fully understand the competitive pressures and differentiated needs of dealers in the market. Therefore, we offer product customization and personalization services to meet dealers' needs for specific styles, designs and features. Our team will work closely with the dealers to ensure that the customized products can fully meet their requirements.

We sincerely believe that through our comprehensive dealer support, our partners are able to gain a competitive advantage and realize business growth and success. We are eager to work with you to build a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us!