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As you know, China is the largest consumer market for cars in the world and it is home to almost every model in the world, so we were born. yink Group was founded in 2014 and we have been in this field for over 8 amazing years! Our goal is to be the best in the world.

We have previously focused on domestic trade in China and eventually achieved the industry's top tone ,annual sales of more than 100 million.

This year, we intend to let the world hear the voice from yink group, so we established the foreign trade department, which is why you can see the reason for this site.

We see that many auto body stores and auto repair stores around the world are still using manual film cutting, which is extremely inefficient.

In fact, Yink PPF Cutting Software has been upgrading every year in the hope that our advanced technology will bring new blood to this market.

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Although we are just starting out in the international market, we have no doubt that one day in the future our brand will be recognized all over the world, thanks to our heritage in the domestic market.

business is never easy, but we have enough confidence in our products, and these figures witness our development in the international market, would you like to be our business partner?

You can choose to become our exclusive distributor, after signing the agreement, you will become the only importer in the local market, and our products will be sold only to you!

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Our Story

  • I entered the auto wrapping industry when i age 18. I started as a ordianry car glass film worker. I have been doing this for 10 years. Since 2013, car paint protect has gradually become popular. I started to run a car car warpping store with 2 guys by years of practical experience. Yinke was born.
    As you know, the progress of China's auto industry started late, so many people have no idea about the PPF Film, so there was little business in the years. What is the car paint protect film and why it is important to have? I have to explain to each one who enters my store.

  • However, since 2015, with the cooperation between Yingke and inland 4S stores, and the promotion of domestic market, people who bought luxury cars begin to care about the car painting. So cars will be sent for car film by trailers before the clients pick up their new car from 4s stores. The demand is growing, and my business is getting better. In 2016, I opened more than 10 car wrapping stores. Then the big problem i faced is the employees getting busineer and the labor costs become the topic. By experienced master with high salary, it will take 1.5-2 days to finish the work. The situation at the time was all the stores profit plummted. I know the point, without the propal management, many waste of raw materials, etc....
    Whin one year we reduce and merged departmental stores to two only in order to control the cost. And changed to refined management, but it was difficult to expand the scale.

  • Until 2018, I met the automatic Pre-cut car protection film software from a friend, and I try with the system. It was such a good experience because of fast cutting and uniform stick film. Now it becomes easy for the PPF store, only one cutter run with the software, ordinary workers can be competent, saving both time and raw materials. So I adopted the PPF cutter with software for my stores, of course my business is extremely hot. But i can not find enough patterns in the software, espceically patterns for the new cars in China. This United States software with high cost but incomplete database, this led us to miss many businesses. As the second largest auto market in the world, China has passed us many times in business, which is too embarrassing distressed. China as the top-two auto market in the world, I feel very distressed about not seizing the business opportunity.

  • Finally I determined to design the software by myself, i want to make the most comprehensive and adaptable automotive film cutting software in the world. But the difficulty can be imagined, many technologies are monopolized by several well-known international film giants.
    So I started with domestic car models. After 7 months, the software was finally born in January 2020 by the cooperation of domestic design institutes and universities. Then 3 months of repeated testing, we have car pattersn for more than 50,000 models, and Our pricing is only one-tenth that of our international counterparts.

  • We sold the software in China first, after one year, more than 1,300 car warpping stores and film shops in 20 provinces in China have adopted our software, which completely detonating the market. Then it comes to 2021, many partners need more patterns and functions such as the sun film, the data of motorcycles, and the inaccuracy of the typesetting function, etc. After many revisions by our team, the software system has been updated. Software to 5.2 system until now, new functions such as automatic typesetting for further save on the raw materials, more and more patterns for new cars, etc. At present, the software has collected 350,000+ data of various patterns, making our software more and more powerful.

  • More and more international clients initiative to find us, so in 2022 we set up an international design team, combined with our Chinese brand yingke, we internationalize the brand, Yink was born. Adapt the software language and functions to the global market, and recruit auto pattern scanners in 70+ countries around the world. Now there are more than 500 scanning teams around the world serving us. Once new models appear, the database will be updated at any time, so that our customers can Get the data at the first time and enhance the competitiveness of our customers.