Yink PPF Cutting Machine YK-905X Elite

YK-905X Elite cutting machine adopts feeding system, fixing system, cutting system, operating system, support equipment customization, the whole machine can replace 4-6 laborers, cutting accuracy can be up to 0.02mm.

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YK-9008 upgraded adsorption film cutter

Trustworthy manufacturer by your side

Upgraded strong power, durable and no burner

YK-9008 cutting machine adopts feeding system, fixing system, cutting system, operating system, support equipment customization, the whole machine can replace 4-6 laborers, cutting accuracy can be up to 0.02mm.

The whole machine can replace 4-6 laborers, and the highest cutting precision can be 0.02mm, which is suitable for EVA film, electronic film, PE film, PET film, dimmer film, filter film, etc.

It is suitable for cutting EVA film, electronic film, PE film, PET film, dimming film, filtering film and hundreds of other film materials.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

3C certification Original factory direct sales

Original imported full set of production equipment, high-precision automatic film cutting machine, equipped with automatic paper receiving and feeding system, saving materials, saving labor, improving efficiency, reducing the risk of car damage. Industry leading brand!

Self-developed software for one-click cutting,general labor 2 hours skilled on the job;

Pulse positioning system, positioning accuracy ±0.01mm;

Automatic pulling material, automatic discharging material, save time and labor;

Interchangeable tooling system for easy cutting of hundreds of materials;

Full range of products with fully imported electrics;

Computerized material scheduling software, material utilization rate increased by more than 10%

Panasonic servo system for more than four times higher productivity;

Save more than half a million RMB  a year in labor and raw materials

Cutting and slotting all in one, supports a wide range of processes for thermal insulation materials;

This model has been honored with 8 technical patents at home and abroad.

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YK-9008 upgraded adsorption film cutter

Genuine Material Precision Processing

Widely used: car clothing, advertising, clothing, car stickers, car beauty, labels, traffic si-gns and other industries, computerized automatic cutting.Cutting without dust, no em-issions, alternative to 4-6 artificial, positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm, high cutting precis-ion, servo motor running Speed 800mm/s, high efficiency!

YK-9008 upgraded adsorption film cutter

1、This machine is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, large color scr- een display silicone buttons, comfortable and durable feel !

2、Imported high-power motors, equipped with imported (ARM) drive chip system, so that the machine operation is stable, smooth, and improve work efficiency!

3、Patented products ( linear running car ) easy to adjust, running wheel and profile between the high degree of coincidence, running track more stable,electromagnet pressure cutting products do not slip, double linear holding brake up and down the knife smooth!

4、Imported one-piece steel spiked paper walking shaft + high-strength pr- essure paper lever + aluminum alloy model mounting base, stable and dura- ble operation, mute, cutting large pictures, ultra-long drawings, walking pa- per does not deviate, to ensure that the product is more high-precision !

5、This machine supports a variety of software input, U disk offline work, 25-

6MB large memory, transfer data, computing function fast, one step, a key to generate the required products!

6、Full-automatic camera edge patrol function, CCD automatic positioning, automatic deskewing a machine with a variety of functions to choose from, a wide range of applications: car clothing, advertising, clothing car stickers, a-utomotive beauty, labels, traffic signs, and other multi-industry use !

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After-sales service

Product problems during the warranty period are the responsibility of the store

4S service  Solemn promise

Please be sure to contact customer service before ordering, you can get more professio-nal service!

Common Problems

I've ordered, when will it ship?

After the payment is completed, the spot products are usually shipped in about ten days, please consult customer service personnel for specific details.

What should I do if I receive the goods and find them broken?

Commodities are professionally packaged, with specialized packaging, receipt of signature name should be opened before the box, check whether the goods are complete, the quality of whether intact; if there is a problem, please face the courier with our contact us in front of th- e courier, or refuse to sign, and then contact our customer service, we will be we will deal with it properly!

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