Yink PPF Cutting Machine -YKT00X Series

YKT00X Series Automatic Roll Flat

Cutting Machine

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Precision CNC cutting with hardware tip compensation

YKT00X Series is a high-precision cutting machine which is located in the automotive after-age – stealth car co-

at and window film cutting for the main automatic feeding, which is faster, more accurate and more eco-

nomical compared to the vertical film cutter, and it can also be applied to the reflective logo sticker, colo-

r change film, car pulling flower, car interior, and so on;

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YK-T002 Automatic Roll Flat

Cutting Machine

Trustworthy manufacturer by your side

Precision CNC cutting with hardware tip compensation

YK-T002 is a high-precision cutting machine which is located in the automotive after-age - stealth car co-

at and window film cutting for the main automatic feeding, which is faster, more accurate and more eco-

nomical compared to the vertical film cutter, and it can also be applied to the reflective logo sticker, colo-

r change film, car pulling flower, car interior, and so on;

The equipment is designed for high-precision cutting of soft materials with a thickness of less than or eq-

ual to 1 mm. Applicable materials include reflective film, invisible car coat, automobile solar film, explos-

ion-proof film, PPE, PET, PVC, PU, paper, other self-adhesive instant stickers, etc., and the light boards or

printed materials are available.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

3C certification Original factory direct sales

Original imported full set of production equipment, high-precision automatic film cutting machine, equipped with automatic paper receiving and feeding system, saving materials, saving labor, improving efficiency, reducing the risk of car damage. Industry leading brand!

Self-developed software for one-click cutting,general labor 2 hours skilled on the job;、

Pulse positioning system, positioning accuracy ±0.01mm;

Automatic pulling material, automatic discharging material, save time and labor;

Interchangeable tooling system for easy cutting of hundreds of materials;

Computerized material scheduling software, material utilization rate increased by more than 10%

Panasonic servo system for more than four times higher productivity;

Save more than half a million RMB  a year in labor and raw materials

Cutting and slotting all in one, supports a wide range of processes for thermal insulation materials;

This model has been honored with 8 technical patents at home and abroad.

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Awarded China Preferred/3C Certification


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YK-T002 Automatic Roll Flat Cutting Machine

1、T002 adopts vacuum adsorption to fix the material, which can ensure the material does not shift during cutting, does not produce indentation, and d- oes not have problems such as wrinkles;

2、T002 can realize full-permeable and half-permeable cutting, for the store to cut instantly.In the case of film sticking, full transparency cutting and disa- ssembling will greatly improve the technician's film sticking efficiency;

3、T002 can be cut with full transparency of the surface protection film, savi-ng the time of removing the surface film.It also eliminates the need for man-ual waste removal after cutting, which greatly optimizes work efficiency and reduces the damage rate in the process of removing the film;

4、T002 adopts the roller continuous feeding method to improve the precis-ion of film walking, not easy to run off, can complete the whole car cutting at one time, avoiding the vertical machine cutting in the film walking offset ca-used by the waste, can be a full version of the compact layout, but also can b-e utilized to cut the zero material block cutting greatly saves the material;

5、T002 adopts vacuum adsorption material after veneer cutting, will not m-ove the material frequently, is not easy to generate static electricity, not easy to damage the surface of the film, to avoid the interference of static electric- ity generated in the work of vertical machine;

6、T002 For cutting through the required car coat or window film or color c- hange film, the flatbed has the unique advantage of cutting directly through the platform without worrying about material movement, which cannot be accomplished with vertical machines;

7、T002From the processing efficiency to compare, the overall speed of the flatbed machine can be maximized。Optimize and do not have to worry ab-out the movement of the material, vertical machine cutting because the filmwith the cutting can not be completed with high speed, from this point of v-

iew of the flatbed machine overall processing efficiency can be more than 2 times that of the vertical machine, vertical machine for the complex long-di- stance graphic is easy to cause the misalignment and the interface disconne- ction, with the flatbed machine cutting can effectively avoid this shortcoming;

8、T002 felt surface has a drawn alignment marking line, when using the fil- m can be aligned along the line, the back end of the machine to release the film device can be adjusted to damping to avoid the film self loosening of th- e situation, for the novice on the material is simple and easy to learn, compa- red to the vertical machine greatly simplifies the process of the film, the film;

9、T002 has the function of memorizing the working origin and self-identif- ying the processing over-width calculation, which can quickly locate the ma- chine to the starting point after the filming is completed, judge whether the processing graphic will be out of the cutting range before working, and cha- nge the cutting knife pressure and cutting speed at any time during the pro- cessing;

10、T002 finished cutting quality, cutting efficiency, edge cutting effect, the whole version of the interface, the whole roll can be cut, work stability and several other major aspects are significantly better than the vertical machine.

YK-T002 Automatic Roll Flat Cutting Machine

Genuine Material Precision Processing

Widely used in: car clothing, advertising, clothing, car stickers, car beauty, labels, traffic signs and other industries. Cutting without dust, no exhaust gas, replace 4-6 levels of labor, positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm, high cutting accuracy. Servo motor running speed 800 m/s, high efficiency!

Intelligent Countertop Compensation System

Aiming at the phenomenon that the material surface is not horizontal, through the precision grating posit-ioning trolley drag knife mechanism, realize the automatic knife pressure compensation in the cutting pro-cess, and accurately realize the half cut, Full cut. The quality is perfect, and the felt pad will never be hurt d-uring the cutting process.

Advanced carts

Our trolley adopts ultra-quiet and high-speed voice coil motor and sports car structure, which has the exc-ellent qualities of fast speed, sensitive response, and long-time processing without overheating. This The structure of the trolley is unique, and it is in the leading position of technology and performance among t-he peers.

Tool tip compensation via hardware

First in China to use hardware for tool tip compensation instead of software. The system's hardware tool compensation method is the industry's leading method, and the use of hardware tool compensation can

The use of hardware tool compensation allows the machine to maintain high-precision machining for a l- ong period of time without worrying about the instability of precision caused by changing software.

Servo Systems / Closed Loop Control When the sensor senses that the cart is overloaded, the control system will automatically stop the engrav- ing process, so as to avoid overload damage to the cart caused by paper jam and other external forces.

This system can effectively protect the cart.

High-speed achievement of batch processing capacity; the equipment adopts servo drive system with s-mooth acceleration, large torque, high precision, stability is particularly outstanding and so on.

Automatic feeding function

This system can realize the seamless processing of long format engraving and drawing, the self-develop-ed segment identification function, effectively solving the sequential segment cutting, whole plate cutti- ng, long version of the processing problems, automatically stop the vacuum adsorption, enter the low-p-ower standby mode, processing mode is flexible, compared with the traditional process saves time and s-ignificantly improves the processing efficiency.

Intelligent Split/Stack Splicing Function

Autonomous system software provides intelligent splitting/overlapping splicing function in the layout pr-ocess, which is very conducive to the splicing operation of large-format graphics, and is a necessary featu-re of professional equipment.

Advanced Motion Control Algorithms

After nearly 20 years of experience, exploration and verification in this industry, our software engineers h-ave independently developed an industry-leading motion control algorithm, which can clearly eliminatethe phenomenon of rounded corners and material picking up, thus realizing high-precision machining.

Overcut Optimization Function

The self-developed control system, which systematically optimizes the physical overcutting phenomenonof the tool, realizes seamless long format and ensures excellent cutting effect.

Point and line cutting function

This function is mostly used for double-layer film proof cutting, but also can be used to process a variety ofcardboard. This function requires particularly high mechanical precision, so far only a very few imported b-rands and we have this function.

Leading-edge calibration technology

Industry-leading calibration techniques are utilized in the manufacturing process to ensure perpendicula-rity and parallelism between axes.

Adoption of international first-class brand parts supply chain

Our main components are made of top international brands, such as Japanese BANDO synchronous belts,NMB bearings and Korean WON ultra-quiet linear guides, which ensure excellent mechanical quality and long-term reliability.The excellent components ensure the excellent mechanical quality and long-term re-liability.NMB bearings, from NMB, Japan, are famous for high precision, stability and long life.NMB bearin-gs, from NMB, Japan, are known for high precision, stability and long life. Ultra-quiet linear guides are pr-oduced by WON company in Korea, with loads and rigidity far exceeding those of similar products.

Precision blade holder / can be used with a wide range of engraving knives

This knife holder contains precision bearings, accurate and smooth steering of the engraving knife; the e- Angle: 45° / shank diameter: 1.5mm, mostly for thick materials; Angle: 30° / shank diameter: 1.5mm, m-

ostly for thick materials or small characters;Angle: 60° / shank diameter: 2.0mm, mostly used for reflective materials, window films; Angle: 45° / sh-ank diameter: 2.0mm, mostly used for paint films.ngraving knife is firmly fixed, and does not fall off the knife when cutting thicker and stickier materials.

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