Car film shop business skills you need to know

Now many people need to buy a car film, car film industry can be said to be getting bigger and bigger, so film store to how to operate?

Yink through the cooperation of customers summed up six core points of car film store business well.

First, the car film store try to agent quality car film, you know now people like high-grade products, some inferior products cheap is cheap, but will affect the store’s reputation.

Secondly, you must keep a good film master, a good film master is very important, if you recruit some novice or inexperienced film master, it will cause customer dissatisfaction and affect the business of the store. Of course, you can also choose to use Yink ppf auto cut software, save cost, auto layout, improve efficiency, don’t worry about staff loss!

Third, the car film store can not only do film business, must be diversified, since it involves the car, then take out some products about the car to sell, l or engage in some car beauty, etc., so that there will do more business.

Fourth, after-sales service must pay attention to, some customers began to warp a few days after the film, then we must follow up in a timely manner, free after-sales service, so that people think you are professional.

Fifth, maintain good old customers, some people say the film is not formal, stick on a few years to change, this is true, but you should know that old customers also have their relatives and friends, if you have contact, even if you leave a WhatsApp or let him follow your Facebook, etc., they will help you recommend, free to help you advertise.

Sixth, you should often sunshine some customers’ praise, before and after the film comparison, if you can record some small video, put it on your facebook.

Post time: Nov-26-2022