Tesla’s 10 Most Popular Colors (10-6)

Many people choose to change the color of their Tesla, but do not know what kind of color looks good, the following ten colors are the most people like in all the car coat colors, quickly choose a color for your Tesla!

Top10:This is the colorful silver
Dazzling in the sun
Like a rainbow attached to the car
In cloudy days, it is the high bright crystal silver
Highly cool and personality in the light and shadow kind of switch at will


Top9:Diamond Blue Silver
The color has a very unique personality
with the future of technology pioneer fashion sense of silver base color
with bling bling blue diamond particles
romantic and elegant, looks very cool!


Top8:GT Silver
Sleek and futuristic GT Silver
A classic colorway from Porsche
has been a favorite since its debut
Popularity has always been high
with a unique and pioneering feel
A luxurious and bright shine


Top7:Crystal High Gloss Orange
A rich, bright, fiery, vibrant color!
Full-bodied, pure, eye-catching color
Excellent match for Tesla models
Highly fashionable and stylish
Show your taste and identity


Top6:Lightning white to pink
Red in white, distinctive
looks like a quietly driven
the softness of the outside and the strength of the inside
A touch of elegance in every move
Very suitable for those who are introverted and passionate car owners


Post time: Mar-17-2023