What is Yink —–Yink More,Save More

"Greetings, this is simon, the Global Operations Director of Yink. YINK, a professional PPF cutting software company, was founded in 2014 in China, the largest consumer market for cars in the world. The goal is to become the most complete and accurate automotive aftermarket data provider in the world..”

The software development team at Yink is committed to excellence. With a focus on domestic trade in China, Yink has achieved the industry’s top tone with annual sales of more than 100 million.”In 2022, YINK is ready to make its mark on the global stage. A foreign trade department has been established to let the world hear the voice from YINK group. This global expansion is not just about reaching new markets, but also about bringing the superior quality and efficiency of YINK’s products and services to customers worldwide.”

“Yin’s products, like  the PPF software and PPF Cutting Machine 9009 Series , are designed with precision and efficiency in mind.The PPF software is constantly updated and is available for 99.9% of PPF film machines.

“One of the key features of the software is the Super Nesting function. This feature saves more materials, potentially saving clients up to $200,000 a year!Yink goes the extra mile with its services. It offers a 3V1 Service Guarantee and Agent Support, ensuring clients receive the best possible assistance.Yink has over 70+ National Automotive Pattern Scanners in over 70+ countries. These professional car model scanners ensure that the software is updated in time for the slightest differences of different car models in different countries.”

At YINK, it’s not just about being a company, it’s about being a family. The belief is in working together, supporting each other, and striving for excellence in everything that is done. YINK is proud of its achievements and excited for what the future holds.”


Post time: Nov-02-2023