Yink Presents New technologies at UAE China Tyre & Auto Parts Expo 2023

Yink, as a well-known company in automotive film cutting software for many years, has been committed to promoting the innovation and progress of ppf cutting software. yink Group will participate in UAE China Tyre & Auto Parts Expo 2023 in Sharjah.
Date and Time: 2023 29-31th, May. 2023
Venue: Sharjah - Expo Centre Sharjah
Booth: HALL 3 -C04
Yink will seize this opportunity to showcase its latest technologies and products to the visitors of the exhibition, which is an open platform for the world's leading companies. The main products on display include ppf cutting software, cutting machine
Throughout the event, Yink Group's professional and technical staff will provide consulting services to help all visitors better understand its technology and products. At the same time, Yink Group will hold a forum during the event, inviting industry experts and representatives of major automotive companies to share their insights and experiences.

During the exhibition, Yink Group aims to present its many innovations to visitors and to promote technological progress in the automotive industry. The show is undoubtedly an important opportunity to improve communication, promote collaboration and attract more people from the industry to attend.



Post time: May-08-2023