Yink Won Many Cooperation Intentions In CIAAF Exhibition

Yink, a well-known auto service provider, successfully participated in the China International Auto Supplies and Aftermarket Exhibition (CIAAF). Through the combination of online live broadcast and offline exhibition, yink showed the strength of car body cutting data to the global audience, and achieved remarkable success.

Yink’s booth at the CIAAF exhibition attracted considerable attention, attracting a large number of industry professionals and potential partners. The lively atmosphere resonates with Yink’s reputation and influence in the auto service industry. Taking this opportunity, Yink demonstrated its unique ability in car body cutting data, which aroused strong interest and praise from the industry.

During the exhibition, yink successfully reached cooperation intentions with 11 companies, including 3 exclusive agency agreements. These partnerships reflect the high level of recognition and trust that Yink has received for its expertise in automotive body cutting data. Through the in-depth interaction with partners during the event, yink fully demonstrated its strength in the auto service industry.


As a dedicated auto service provider, Yink has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality auto clothing cutting data and excellent service. Through continuous efforts and innovation, Yink’s products and services have won a good reputation in the market. The success of participating in the CIAAF exhibition has further consolidated Yink’s leading position in the automotive service industry.

At the exhibition, yink showed a diversified and intelligent car clothing cutting data series. Visitors to the booth experienced the technical advantages and innovation capabilities of yink, and spoke highly of the performance and quality of its products. Global buyers and distributors have expressed strong interest in cooperating with yink for win-win results.

The successful participation of yink not only demonstrates the company’s excellent professional technology in auto body cutting data, but also injects new vitality and impetus into the global auto service industry. In the future, Yink will continue to increase investment in technology research and development, and strive to provide customers with higher-quality automotive service products.

Participating in the CIAAF exhibition, yink demonstrated its strength and competitive advantages in the auto service industry. On this basis, Yink will further strengthen cooperation with partners, promote the development of the auto service industry, and provide customers with better services and products.


Post time: Jun-28-2023